Codnida Solar Powered Camera UBox User Manual


Packing List

Packing List

Quick Setup

  • Insert the USB cable of solar panel to the USB” Silicon Flap
  • on the bracket base for batterty charging.
  • Press the Power switch to turn ON/OF F the camera,
  • Wait the voice prompt step by step for pairing the camera with the APP.


  • Before the first time to use the camera, make sure the camera has enough power.
    You can use the USB cable to fully charge the camera, or you can connect the solar panel to the camera and place the camera in the sun for two hours.
  • If use the SD card and please insert it into the camera before turning on.
  • After you turn on the camera, please close the silicon flap to avoid rain leakage.
  • When pairing the devices, make sure your phone is connecting to the 2.4Ghz WiFi (Don’t support 5G WiFi), and please keep the phone, camera and the WiFi router within 30-100cm.


Scan the following QR codes or search for UBox” from the APP Store (for iOS devices) or Google Play Store (for Android smart phone) to download and install the APP.



  • Open the app, input your email address then press Register”.
  • Check and select to agree the agreement then your email box will get an verification code. (For better user’s experience, please allow to open all permissions to avoid missing any notifications from the app.)
  • Input the Verification code” and press Next .(If you not found the mail and you might find the code in your email spam box. )
  • Set the login password and confirm the login password. Then press Register” to next step.(For your password safety, the password requires more than 8 characters plus a combination of letters.)
  • Enter your email address and input your login password, the press Login”.


  • Press Add Family” then set the room or position as per reminders.
  • Enter your family name and the press Next .
  • Input the necessary information just like Country, Province, then press Done”.
  • Press “Add a device” to add a smart device.
  • Connect the device with power supply, and make sure your mobile phone is connected to an available Wi-Fi. Then press Setup WiFi device”.
  • After the power on the device, wait for the blue LED and voice prompt.
    The device is waiting for pairing,Which means your device is in pairing mode. If you did not hear the voice prompt, please press the reset” button until the blue indicator to light up and then release. The device will reboot and enter the pairing state.
  • The app will input the Wi-Fi name automatically, please input the correct WiFi password.
    Then you can choose the “QR code configuration” or “Sound wave configuration”.
    ( Sound wave configuration: Make sure camera and mobile phone within 1M distance, you will hear the wave sound DI Dl, follow the tips showed in the phone to finish configuration.)
  • QR code configuration: Select the QR code configuration then the phone display a QR code.
    Use the lens of the camera to scan the QR code 10cm away from the phone.
  • Select the family name or device location then press Done”.
  • The device will enter to the device list automatically. Setup success! The device is ready to use.

Note About PIR Detection:
User can change the PIR detection sensitivity in device setting on the phone APP. We recommend to set sensitivity at “Disabled” or “Low” to reduce false alert and save the battery power.

Disable: disabled PIR detection.
Low: Delay 7 seconds PIR detects a moving.
Medium: Delay 5 seconds PIR detects a moving.
High: Delay 1 seconds PIR detects a moving.



Click the ‘Calendar’ icon on the right top corner , then choose the date to playback the voices from cloud storage.


Choose the desired date to check all videos from the cloud.



Separated installation:
Accessories need(not standard configuration). The extra power cable is 2m, please place the camera and the solar penal in the rang.


The device is equipped with a rechargeable lithium battery. The battery life will be affected by the device wake-up time and the number of wake-ups. Therefore, if the PIR sensor alarm detection function is used in an environment with a lot of people, it is recommended to set the low sensitivity to reduce device wake-up and call times to extend battery life.
When the battery is low, please charge the battery immediately.

Make sure the device is placed close to the Wi-Fi router, the distance is within 100m. If there has to be thick or insulated objects between the device and the Wi-Fi router, which may lead to weak Wi-Fi signal, please make sure the Wi-Fi signal is in good level before you start using the device.

It is a delicate device with low power consumption design. Every time the device is awakened and will work for few seconds. After that, the device will enter standby mode to save power.
You can set the work time in the app settings.

Please open the app’s self- -starting function in your phone to receive push messages.

This device provides one month of free cloud storage services. If you need to continue using value-added services after the trial period expires, you need to purchase them in the app.


What should I do, the camera is offline?

Check if the camera has power or the charging cable correctly connect the solar panel and the camera. Restart the power and restart the camera.
Check if the distance between the camera and the wifi router is within 100m.

How to do if don’t connect the camera to phone?

Check if your phone is connecting to 2.4G wifi and you can reset the camera then connect again.

Why can’t the camera recognize the SD card?

1. This camera supports FAT32 format Class 6, Class 10 SD card, max supports 128GB.
2. .lf you insert the SD card into the camera after the camera is turned on, the camera may not be able to recognize the SD card. Please turn off the camera, then insert the SD card into it, then power on the camera again and it will automatically recognize the SD card after restarting.